Friday, January 12, 2018

Yolanda Yeti

I have always wanted to create one-of-a-kind little stuffies the likes of which you'd find in the artsy periodical, Stuffed Magazine.  No clue where this interest comes from although I do remember my mother, mentally ill yet funny and intelligent (well, funny some of the time!), getting into dolls as she aged....oh boy, hope this isn't going to a weird place and I start having my husband build shelves to hold my doll collection.  I think in a box somewhere downstairs I still have a pair of 50 year old Raggedy Ann and Andys, handmade by my mom.

Unlike cute little Raggedy Ann and Andy, I love the quirky little characters with one eyeball bigger than the other or those with a head of weird and wild green hair.  Last Tuesday after school my 12-year old granddaughter and I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics.  We have been hanging out on Tuesdays after school to cook and sew.   I mentioned to her that I wanted to make these stuffed little objects d'art and told her she could also make one or she could pick up another project.  $10.  That was our budget.

Over the years I have done lots of art projects with my granddaughters.  Well, they aren't really my biological granddaughters, but they are granddaughters of my heart.  One of my granddaughters is my husband's son's daughter, 9 years old.  So I am her step-grandmother (she has about 52 other grand and great grand mothers teaching her all kinds of things).  And the other granddaughter-of-the-heart is my husband's son's daughter's s 1/2 sister, 12 years old.  So I am her ex-step-1/2-grandmother, I guess?  Love them both dearly.

In any event, the girls and I, together and individually, have enjoyed doing art for many years.

Front of ceramic fish the girls created for me on a visit to Firefly Pottery

Back of ceramic fish 
Little Ms. Yolanda Yeti was from a pattern.  I figured to make the first one I needed a plan.  Cute as she is the next one will likely look much more...odd.  Although looking at Ms. Yeti she clearly has her own pudgy, unique pink curly body type going on with one "arm" quiet a bit bigger than the other and a massive head!

Newly retired and finally adjusted to that, well mostly, I am once again having fun.  F.U.N.  No longer working hours on end and listening to people you'd really not even share air with.  No longer having a list of to do that just grows no matter how hard I try to mark each item off.  Nope, I am retired but definitely not tired and so after what, 6 years I am back to take notes on all the art projects I will be engaged in from now on!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

First Fun Wednesday with Addy

Our First Fun Wednesday of Summer 2017!
(written by Adalyn and Grammie Markley)

I got in my grandpa's car at school.  And, went to Home Depot to get clay pots and flowers.  Then I got in my grandpa's car and went to their house.    I wanted to ride a unicorn and I was tired. 

 First I had toast and tea with my Grammie.  We had peanut butter and jelly (organic, no sugar!).  Then Grampie left (bye-bye long!). We also colord a coloring page. They said think happy thoughts and spread good vibes.  it was a good vibes coloring book.   we will finish those later.  it was so much fun. 

My grandma and I went downstairs in the back yard to spray paint.  Spray painting is awesome because you make cool art.  I spray painted the clay pots and pieces of wood and rocks orange, red, grey, brown, lighter brown, darker brown, green, lighter green, darker green and black chalk paint. 

Click on this link and check out what Addy has to say about what she is doing in:  What are you doing?

 Then we had lunch which was good.  We made a peanut butter and jelly smoothie with frozen bananas, coconut milk, peanut butter powder and no sugar blackberry jelly!

we went on a walk with my grammas dog livie and I got leaves and we did yoga and it was fun.   My favorite pose was dead man's pose. 

Grammie also had some sanding and painting projects of her own!   

Sanding this beautiful teak table!  Burned through 3 batteries working the sander...this will take some time :)
Finally decided on the "hammered" copperish color for the little metal table we brought back from Florida (covering up the turquoise paint that worked in Cape Coral!)
Love the paint on these pots....look so happy on our new 1/2 finished deck (the deck is Grampie's project)! 

Today is awesome!
My  grand parents are the best!!
From the Markleys

Friday, November 23, 2012

Para Heads

For Paraprofessional Day this year I was...inspired!  The specialists who meet weekly to discuss special education students wanted to recognize all the hard-working and pretty amazing paraprofessionals who work in our school.  Our school literally could not run as well as it does without them.  The team decided on getting a giant cake.  The principal gave me two laminated sheets of.....all the paraprofessional heads.  What to do?  In my best yoga self I wandered around Joanne's Craft Store thinking, "What to do?  What to do?  It will just come to me.  What do to?  What to do?"  I picked up and put down cute little dolls that I could mount heads to...way too expensive and way too big.  I looked at little wooden critters I could hot glue the heads, that just didn't seem to fit.  And then I found a plastic box full of doll forms, complete with coordinating shoes, tops and shorts.  Yep, that was it.  So off I went to my house to superglue laminated para heads onto doll forms.  My husband loves to do projects like these as much as me so pitched in.  "How about making a mini skirt?"  he offered, cutting the shorts so that they became mini, mini skirts.  Too funny.  With a magnet on the back so that we now created "take-aways" we were done.  What fun! 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Style?

I was working on my enamel earrings the other day in class.  It was a dramatic day for me as all the pieces had literally and finally come together.  The earrings were appearing before my eyes as I layered purple discs on green and stuck wire through he holes to make "earrings".  A woman in my class was also making copper enameled earrings.  What interested me was that at some point, Alice, our teacher said, something like, "Well, Joy's style is bold color and sharp geometric shapes. And your shape, Fran, is more organic and free form."  I loved Fran's work but it was very different from mine.  She hand cut her discs and used pale, pastel enamel colors.  And she didn't layer her discs because they were all the same size.  The idea of making them interchangeable was foreign to her.  

It was odd to hear somebody characterize me, my work, that way.  Up until now I had just been cutting, sawing, stamping out copper shapes and enameling them with the brightest colors I could get my hands on.  Sometime back I told Alice that I was frustrated over the fact that I didn't seem to make much.  She told me the story of another student who worked on pieces of this and that for a year and then one day it all came together.  Two weeks later, the same happened to me.  Colorful and bold.  Ya think??! 

Yolanda Yeti

I have always wanted to create one-of-a-kind little stuffies the likes of which you'd find in the artsy periodical,  Stuffed Magazi...